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Core Competencies

Our customer-oriented products offer production solutions suitable for every needs of agricultural machinery and trailer manufacturers. Ozden is established in 2019. Since than, we give high priority to satisfy demands on time and expected quality terms. Production is carried out in an area of 1000 m2, in Konya. 

The production process pursues strategies based on the needs and requirements of the agricultural machinery and automotive markets. Our aim is to become an efficient and sustainable supplier that companies with long-term growth plans collaborate with.

manufacturer of agricultural machinery spare parts

agricultural machinery parts manufacturer

farm trailer parts manufacturer

farm trailer spare parts manufacturer

farm trailer axle manufacturer

trailer axle manufacturer

axle manufacturer

braked stub axle 

unbraked stub axle

braked axle manufacturer

unbraked axle manufacturer

производитель запчастей для сельскохозяйственной техники

производитель запчастей для сельскохозяйственных прицепов

производитель осей для прицепов

цапфа с тормозом

производитель осей сельскохозяйственных прицепов

сельскохозяйственный прицеп

сельскохозяйственная техника

Hersteller von Landmaschinenteilen

landwirtschaftliche Maschinen

Hersteller von landwirtschaftlichen Anhängerachsen

Hersteller von Anhängerachsen

Hersteller von landwirtschaftlichen Anhängerteilen


Hersteller von Ersatzteilen für Landmaschinen

gebremster Achsschenkel

Hersteller von Ersatzteilen für landwirtschaftliche Anhänger

produttore di pezzi di ricambio per rimorchi agricoli

fusello frenato

produttore di assali per rimorchi

produttore di componenti per macchine agricole

produttore di ricambi per macchine agricole

مُصنِّع قطع غيار الآلات الزراعية

الشركة المصنعة لقطع غيار مقطورة المزرعة

الشركة المصنعة لمحور المقطورة

produsent av tilhengeraksel

produsent av deler til landbruksmaskiner

произвођач делова за пољопривредну механизацију

произвођач осовина пољопривредних приколица

кочена стубна осовина

кочена осовина

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